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About Rob

Conscious PROS! Founder, Coach & CEO (Conscious Evolution Officiator)

Robert “RawB Love” is a catalyst for conscious evolution. Equipped with rich business experience and a passion for mindfulness, Rob helps individuals align their professional pursuits with personal growth. As CEO of ConsciousPROS, he’s redefining business transformation.
Robert "Rawb Love"
“Real World” Experience:

+ 28 yrs Small Biz Growth & Marketing (since ’96)

+ 23 yrs Digital Marketing (since ’01) (certified)

+ 20 yrs WordPress Expert (since ’04) (senior-level WordPress developer)

+ 16 yrs Conscious Mind Expert (since ’08) (certified)

+ Trained life coach, hypnotherapist & Master level NLP practitioner

+ Energy healer & channel (certified)

+ Skilled in nonverbal communication & perception

+ Generated over $250M in business through online lead generation while saving consumers over $350M

+ Developed Conscious Marketing PLAN (Formula & MAP)

+ Co-created Quantum-Conscious Marketing systems

+ Transitioned from bankruptcy to 4-hour-workweek passive income

+ Created training tools for conscious communication & self-mastery

+ Expertise in mindfulness, meditation & conscious relationships

Explore working with Robert:
Proud to be the 10th LIA Certified Coach, worldwide

Hello, fellow seekers.

Meet Robert “Rawb Love”—a figure of passion and commitment in the realm of conscious evolution. His life’s work encapsulates a dedication to guiding those ready for self-mastery, reinforcing the belief that exploration and improvement begin from within. Rob loves what he does, manifesting growth in others while inviting the universe’s love into each interaction.

Rob’s-modus operandi? It’s twofold: conscious evolution and happiness fulfillment. Consciousness permeates every facet of his engagements, be it business, relationships, communication, or self-mastery. Grounded in mindfulness, Rob fervently utilizes his focus and capacities to make people happier, believing a more joyous individual equals a happier planet.

His wealth of experience speaks volumes of his unwavering commitment. As a small business owner since 1996 and a digital marketing specialist since 2001, Rob’s impeccable skills branch out beyond the strategic business realm. He is an adept life coach, hypnotherapist, and master-level NLP practitioner, who has refined his understanding of nonverbal communication under the guidance of Michael Grinder. His healing energy resonates on both physical and metaphysical planes, extending his insight into helping others achieve their desired outcomes.

In the sphere of Conscious Business, Rob shines brightly. He has engineered paradigm-shifting strategies, channeling innovative marketing formulae, inventing the Conscious Business Growth PLAN, co-creating Quantum-Conscious Marketing systems and even bouncing back from bankruptcy to a lifestyle featuring four-hour workweek passive income. All part of Rob’s tireless pursuit of the evolution of business.

Rob’s prowess glimmers in space of Conscious Communication too. From devising training systems that harmonize relationships, to pioneering the “Loving Approval Buddy” for fostering a new paradigm in accountability—his contributions are manifold. And it doesn’t cease here. He has crafted methods for achieving an authentic connection with another human being within a minute, extending the power of constructive expression to the realm of the non-verbal.

In his capacity as a Conscious Coach, Rob has ushered forward a revolutionary approach in coaching and clearing obstacles. His mindfulness techniques center around quick tactics to shift your vibrational energy and raise your mood—in as little time as 60 seconds. His solutions are accessible, available, and designed for immediate implementation.

In the sector of Conscious Relationships, Rob has personally journeyed through heartache and healing. Drawing on his wisdom from these experiences, he provides support to those seeking guidance amidst break-ups, addiction, and personal transformation.

From quantum consciousness adjustments in the Quantum field to facilitating the reimagining of individuals’ lived experiences, Rob’s work sprawls across varied domains of personal and professional progression. He encapsulates the spirit of POSSIBILITY, proving time and time again that where there’s will, there’s always a way.

We are pleased to have such a luminary at the helm of ConsciousPROS—our guiding star in our pursuit towards conscious evolution. Rob is more than our CEO (Conscious Evolution Officiator), he is our leader, our mentor, and our friend.

Join him on this journey towards deepened self-mastery, boundless love, and heightened consciousness. Together, we can cultivate a brighter and happier planet.

Welcome to Conscious PROS! — welcome to the future of humanity.

Rob’s Timeline (+Certifications):

*NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming

1996 – Starts first company (construction)

2001 – Launches first website

2004 – Launches first WordPress website

2009 – Knightsbridge Institute, 1st 6 month professional Hypnotherapy Certification (Life Coach)

2009 – 1st Reiki I&II Certification (Energy Healing)

2011 – Brilliant U, NLP* Practitioner Certification

2012 – NLP Pacific, NLP* Masters Certification

2012 – NW Hypnosis Institute, 2nd 6 month professional Hypnotherapy Certification (Life Coach)

2014-2019 – Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA), Non-Verbal Communication (Advanced NLP*, perception, group dynamics)

2017-Dec – Digital Marketer, Certified Search Marketing Specialist

2018-Jan – Digital Marketer, Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

2018-May – Digital Marketer, Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certification

2018-May – Digital Marketer, Content Marketing Specialist Certification

2018-May – Digital Marketer, Ecommerce Marketing Specialist Certification

2018-Jun – Digital Marketer, Certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

2018-Jun – Digital Marketer, Certified Social & Community Manager

2018-Jun – Digital Marketer, Email Marketing Specialist Certification

2018-Jun – Digital Marketer, Certified Community Management Specialist

2018-Jul – Digital Marketer, Analytics & Data Specialist Certification

2018-Nov – Develops 1st iteration of Marketing MAP

2018-Dec – Develops 1st iteration of Marketing PLAN

2019-Feb – Launches first Marketing Class/Course teaching MAP & PLAN

2019 – 2nd Reiki I&II Certification (Energy Healing)

2019 – Certified Channel (Extra Sensory Perception)

2020 – (pandemic), pause startup, focus on Coaching practice “Rawb Love” instead

2023-Dec – Relaunch Conscious Marketing Company (with updates, improvements & refinements) as Conscious PROS!

2024 – Life Inventory Assessment Certified Coach