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Quantum-Conscious Marketing™

Quantum-Conscious Marketing™ (QCM) is a systemic method of conscious business growth based on the latest in marketing, mind sciences (neuroscience, quantum physics, consciousness) & manifestation principles.

Cutting Edge.

what works in marketing NOW!
The Conscious Marketing PLAN, MAP & Formula are continually being updated throughout the year to stay on the cutting edge.

Mind Sciences.

neuroscience, quantum physics, consciousness
Through the latest understandings in science & consciousness, we now KNOW the nonconscious minds of both the buyer and the seller are the critical KEY elements in all sales.


FOCUS is everything
If you want to manifest business growth, you need to understand manifestation principals. QCM Growth Coaches address all it.


step-by-step system
Original Innovative System of cutting edge marketing simplified into a step-by-step formula, map & plan that anyone can follow.
RELAX & always know your next step.


and "heart-centered"
We help you get into full alignment with your clients in a way that is loving towards you, your business and your clients.
Marketing you can FEEL GOOD about.


happiness = growth
We believe life is meant to be fun. We go to great lengths to ensure you feel energized & enjoy the process of growing your business.
ENJOY growing your business.

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Napoleon Hill
Author, Think & Grow Rich
When creating any marketing plan the...

Nonconscious Mind MUST be CONSIDERED

95% of all buying decisions are for nonconscious emotional reasons

Two (2) FACTS to Consider:

  1. 95% of all Actions, Behaviors, Emotions & Decisions come directly from the nonconscious (subconscious, unconscious) mind
  2. People buy for emotional reason of which they are not consciously aware of.

We are EXPERTS in the Nonconscious Mind, Marketing and Websites

Nonconscious Mind Experts

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, consciousness

Digital Marketing Experts

Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO - innovation of original systems

WordPress Website Experts

Websites since 2001, WordPress websites since 2004, Senior level WordPress Development

Quantum-Conscious Marketing's

THREE Key Documents

For clarity, focus & simplicity – all cornerstones of QCM.

Conscious Marketing MAP™

The Conscious Marketing MAP clearly show the broad strokes of Conscious Marketing FORMULA as created by our founder Robert Bury. 

You can clearly see where to start and what to focus upon next.

The MAP is designed to work with any current marketing system both in Digital Marketing and off-line marketing.

Viral marketing & growth hacking, while not shown as ‘steps’ are also addressed via the MAP and within the internal Conscious Marketing FORMULA & system as a whole.

Conscious Marketing PLAN™

The Conscious Marketing PLAN is a one (1) sheet document, front & back, that shows your overarching marketing plan, strategy and key marketing elements.

  Many of the marketing elements have a series of other documents and worksheets that are utilized to create this document.

Often as marketers and business owners its easy to get off track with our marketing efforts & focus.  With this document in hand
it keeps you focused! 

Star Client's Emotional Transformation™

Anytime you or anyone else is working on your marketing, two documents need to be visible and accessible: your Conscious Marketing PLAN & STAR Client worksheet.

This way you stay on track, know who you are speaking to, what to say and how to relate to them.

The STAR Client (front) and Emotional Transformation Statement (back) worksheets help you truly understand your client from their perspective.

*NOTE: We say “client” and not customer because this will help keep you in the right mindset of servicing your clients – not selling customers.


"...[I moved] from a good idea about growing my business to a vivid, embodied, mobilized path forward to the future I have always wanted"
Sage Cohen
Author, poet, entrepreneur
"...[conscious] marketing plan is simple to follow... is quite profound because it goes deep to the core of who you are and what you truly want from your business.."
Randolph Sellars
Performance coach
"...gave me a new vision for how to craft a business... and gave me the support and practical tools to build something I'm really proud of."
Dr. Caitlin Capistran
Doctor of Physical Therapy