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We are Conscious PROS and we help & teach people how to GROW their businesses using BASE Marketing, Conscious Marketing, Quantum-Conscious Marketing and Conscious Business practices.  This is the New Era in Marketing and Business so naturally you may be skeptical and unsure.  So we’ve created a few FREE OFFERS for you to get a good feel about our work and what we offer.  Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. 🙂

What's available to you:

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16-Step BASE Marketing Blueprint (pdf)

Unlock the secrets to a thriving marketing campaign with our 16-Step BASE Marketing Blueprint. This downloadable 1-page PDF provides a comprehensive overview, guiding you through the essential steps needed for a successful marketing strategy. From defining your desired marketing outcome to creating clear referral offers, this blueprint empowers you to build a thriving business that resonates with your STAR Clients. Download the 16-Step BASE Marketing Blueprint.


Access a visually engaging blueprint for a clearer understanding.

Conveniently print and reference the blueprint to help keep you focused and on track.


CB-080 INTRO to BASE Marketing

Unlock the door to marketing clarity and success with our CB-080 INTRO to BASE Marketing short course online. This video course simplifies the complexities of marketing, empowering you to navigate with confidence through the often confusing landscape of business growth. Dive into the essence of BASE Marketing—Branding, Actualization, Strategy, and Elements. Access the CB-080 INTRO to BASE Marketing eCourse here.

🎓 Engaging Video: Learn at your pace with videos.

🔍 Clear Principles: Understand marketing basics.

📈 GROW System: Expand your business reach.

📋 Comprehensive Checklist: Cover all aspects.

🚀 Simplified Marketing: Drive results easier.

💡 Practical Solutions: Solve marketing problems.

🎯 Streamlined Approach: Avoid overwhelm.

📚 Empowerment Through Education: Make informed decisions.

Unlock clarity with CB-080 INTRO to BASE Marketing.


Business GROWth CommUNITY ZOOM Call

FREE TRIAL of our Business GROWth Community for a unique blend of supportive discussions and actionable lessons every Wednesday on Zoom. From 11am to 11:55am Pacific Time / 2pm to 2:55pm Eastern Time, immerse yourself in a caring environment designed for business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. Register for the call here.

🌱 Engage in brief, impactful weekly lessons.

🎙️ Benefit from occasional insights from guest instructors.

💬 Participate in discussions on the weekly lesson.

📊 Receive tailored support for building or perfecting your marketing plans.

🤝 Connect with peers in breakout rooms for support.

📈 Stay updated on current marketing trends.

🔄 Set and review weekly intentions for business growth.

💖 Experience occasional spot-coaching from pros within the community.

Discover a space where growth, unity, and business success converge. Join our community, climb your business mountain, and cultivate success together.


30 Min. ZOOM Call with Rob

Meet with Rob, founder & CEO of Conscious PROS for a 30 min. consultation / exploratory via ZOOM. You can pick his brain, ask a question and/or explore working together. Schedule a call with Rob here.
🤔 Ask a question. 🤝 Explore working together. 🧠 Pick his brain.

With Rob’s almost 3 decades of marketing experience and innovations, he is a wealth of knowledge and insight.  *This is a comped/free call – Rob’s time is undervalued at $369 USD per hour.

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