Conscious Marketing's

Critical 6

Unlock Authentic Business Growth

In business, marketing is vital, but “old world” methods often lack ethics and empathy. Conscious Marketing’s Critical 6 provide a roadmap for ethical, authentic & effective marketing – the new era of marketing.

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Conscious Marketing's CRITICAL 6

A Path to Ethical and Effective Marketing

1 of 6) YOU MUST BE Consciously AWARE to Predict, Adapt, Innovate and EVOLVE. + Conscious awareness cultivates clarity, – You can’t fix what you don’t see.
Conscious awareness matters because most people operate on autopilot 95% of the time. To solve problems and succeed, you must harness the power of the nonconscious mind and disable negative programming, which neuroscience and experts say drives growth and business success.

Conscious Marketing champions your business evolution by streamlining the conscious focus of your entire team. Imagine the collective mindfulness of a Zen Buddhist monks all resonating from CEO to intern, all laser-focused on a common goal – exponential growth.
2 of 6) Marketing PLAN is Organized into Small Actionable Steps You Can Follow – Anything is possible, if simplified into small enough, actionable steps
A well-crafted marketing plan is crucial for achieving business success. Unlock business growth with a clear and simplified marketing plan. Many lack one or have convoluted, confusing ones. Conscious Marketing simplifies it all into actionable steps for easy tracking and effective strategy adjustments.

The Conscious Marketing MAP introduces a refreshing era of ethical and streamlined marketing. It consists of 9 straightforward facets, beginning with your desired business growth and concluding with outcome-driven adjustments. The 11 marketing elements provide essential business components.

A Conscious Marketing PLAN offers precise guidance for your desired growth outcome, ensuring efficiency and focus. It’s a concise one-sheet, making it easily accessible.

3 of 6) Marketing MESSAGE MUST BE Clear, Concise & Compelling – Clarity compels connection
A successful marketing message resonates with your target audience, being clear, concise, and compelling. Clarity ensures understanding, conciseness avoids overwhelming, and compelling content captivates and evokes emotion. It answers key questions: What’s offered? Who’s it for? Why does it matter? A compelling message emotionally connects the audience genuinely with your brand.

Unlock a compelling marketing message with the Conscious Marketing MAP. Explore the elements at 4.2 STAR Clients, 4.3 Emotions, and 4.4 Story for guidance.

4 of 6) Marketing Funnel “PATH to Purchase” MUST BE Simple, Clear, Small Steps – Meet them where THEY are at, build the relationship slow and steady
The consumer journey must be straightforward. The marketing funnel, or the “PATH to Purchase,” should have simple, clear steps, eliminating obstacles, and enabling easy actions. Every step, whether seeking information, signing up, or purchasing – must be intuitive and user-friendly.

The Conscious Marketing PLAN and MAP create a seamless, client-centric PATH to Purchase offering choices your STAR Clients (customers) can embrace. When you meet people where THEY are at and follow their pace – this helps build a relationship from curious potential customers to loyal clients.

5 of 6) KNOW Your Potential Client’s Nonconscious Emotional Reasons to Buy – Understand the Emotional Transformation, “they” want
Conscious Marketing prioritizes addressing consumers’ nonconscious (unconscious & subconscious) emotional drivers, recognizing that human purchasing decisions are primarily guided by these deep-seated desires, fears, and aspirations. You simply MUST understand your client’s nonconscious.

“Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind.” ~ Harvard Business School (

In Conscious Marketing, we have a deep desire to understand our STAR Clients and this is reflected in our Emotional Transformation worksheets and Conscious Growth Coaching. This profound understanding allows us to tailor your products and services to meet their needs, naturally driving their desire to buy.
6 of 6) CLEAR Owners/Management’s Nonconscious Obstacles to Growth – Unleash Growth, tackle Nonconscious Obstacles in Leadership
Nonconscious obstacles affect not only consumers but also business owners and managers, from limiting beliefs to fear of change. Conscious Marketing encourages business leaders to identify and address these obstacles to foster growth and innovation.

Obstacles and Focus, two key Conscious Marketing MAP facets, directly impact your Conscious Marketing PLAN’s success or failure. With 95% of all decisions originating in the nonconscious, addressing obstacles becomes critical for achieving growth – this simply MUST be addressed.

*Nonconscious? What's that?

Most people don’t know what the nonconscious is.  Here’s a definition:

Nonconscious   adjective   (pronounced: non-kon-shuhs)

: not conscious : UNCONSCIOUS
| a nonconscious mental process

DEFINITION: Nonconscious refers to the aspect of the mind that encompasses both the unconscious and subconscious processes. It represents mental activities that occur without conscious awareness, including automatic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors


The NONconscious Mind

The Nonconscious (unconscious & subconscious) mind is almost never addressed.

Let's take a 2nd look at the CRITICAL 6...

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While all 6 are Critical, #5 & #6 are two of the key elements that are almost completely unaddressed by traditional “old world” marketing.
  1. KNOW THEIR Nonconscious Emotional Reasons to Buy
    1. You MUST understand your clients/customers’ nonconscious!
      1. On average, their nonconscious is responsible for around 95% of their behaviors & decisions.
  2. CLEAR YOUR Nonconscious Obstacles (blocks) to Growth
    1. You MUST clear any obstacles to your business growth!
      1. Why have you not been able to achieve your desired business growth yet?  It’s because of your nonconscious mind – it holds all the keys & answers you need.
Now, I know this can be pretty hard to believe. But don’t take our word for it… READ what Harvard Business Professor and renowned expert in marketing and consumer behavior – Dr. Gerald Zaltman has to say…

Harvard Business Professor - "Get's it."

"95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind."

Gerald Zaltman

Harvard Business Professor Gerald Zaltman’s statement that “95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind” is underpinned by his extensive academic background and pioneering research in consumer behavior and marketing. This assertion finds support in various fields, including neuromarketing, psychology, behavioral economics, and the work of other experts. As consumers, our subconscious minds play a significant role in shaping our choices, making Professor Zaltman’s insight a critical perspective that businesses and marketers must explore when developing strategies to match their products and services to the clients and consumers who want them.

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