Conscious Websites

Consciously Speak to the Nonconscious

Non-textual content

93% of all communication is other than the words you use.  Webpages are no different.  The images, spacing, colors, relationship of the words to each other – everything other than the “text” you use is considered “non-textual” content and it matters BIG TIME!

Everything is communicating something. 
What is your website communicating?

Design we naturally love.

Golden Ratio WEB Design

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio you can find almost anywhere, like in nature, architecture, art, music and the human body. When applied to design, it creates an organic, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition that we naturally love.

You only have a few seconds to establish that first impression.  
Using the Golden Ratio achieves instant natural rapport.

Fast, Simple, Effective - no need to reinvent the wheel.

WordPress Websites

We are all about efficiency.  Most conscious businesses don’t need a $33k-$100k custom website.  99.9% of the time we can achieve your desired outcome with a WordPress website in the fastest, most harmonious way possible because we’re WordPress pros.

We combine Non-Textual Content, Golden Ratio Design & WordPress. 
A powerful and effective combination.